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The current interest in ionic liquids (ILs) is motivated by their unique properties, quite different from those of molecular liquids. Thus, the unique combination of non-volatibility and favourable solubilising characteristics of ILs makes them sustainable alternative to organic solvents, and more generally to volatile organic compounds. The confinement of ILs on solid supports has given rise to some industrial applications such as catalysis and gas-cleaning technologies based on SILP (Supported Ionic Liquid Phase) materials. A renewed interest for IL electrolytes, which feature high ionic conductivity over a wide range of temperature and wide electrochemical stability window, has been triggered by the topical demand in advanced electrochemical devices, such as actuators, lithium batteries, electric double-layer capacitors, dye-sensitized solar cells and fuel cells. ILs have proved to be innovative media in materials science, especially in metal electrodeposition, “ionothermal” syntheses (ILs enable reaction temperatures above 300 °C without autoclaving) and the processing and derivatization of cellulose. Accordingly, the use of ILs as solvent, template or reagent in the preparation of organic, inorganic and hybrid materials (including conducting polymers, nanostructured metals and alloys, metal oxides, metal chalcogenides, porous carbon materials, functional silicas, etc.) is currently the subject of a burgeoning research.
This international workshop aims at bringing together experts in ILs and functional materials, for cross-fertilization between some fields as different as energy conversion and storage, biotechnology and human health. Abstracts are encouraged that address the design, synthesis and processing of functional materials, based on ILs or inspired by them.

Following the first ILMAT meeting held in Vienna, Austria in December 2011, we are pleased to invite you for the second edition of ILMAT meetings in Montpellier from November 18-20, 2013.

A Special Issue « Ionic Liquids 2014 and selected papers from ILMAT 2013 » of the International Journal of Molecular Sciences will be edited on the basis of contributions from this symposium. All meeting participants selected to present a communication will be able to contribute to the issue by submitting a regular paper in the usual way for the journal via the website The deadline for submission of papers of participants will be the 28 February 2014.

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New !!! Program now available Download oral program here Oral Presentation Guidelines Oral presentations must be in English and any support used should be in PowerPoint format or PDF document. Each presenter will have 20 min (15 min presentation + 5 min discussion). Presentation (...)

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